Online jobs for 15 year olds 1

Online jobs for 15 year olds

Do you, 15 year olds, know that you can make money online instead of wasting those hours on long sessions of games or streaming movies non-stop? Nowadays, when the Internet’s connecting people everywhere, online jobs for 15 year olds are pretty easy to find, you just have to know where to look.

Let’s be honest, as a 15 year old, you don’t have that much of a chance to find an ordinary job. There are legal bounds and also experience requirements that is almost impossible to have at such a young age. Therefore, online jobs are options that you should really consider. Remember to do some research before you start though, to make sure you are legally allowed to work, and that you are not deceived by your employers.

Below are some of the most popular online jobs for 15 year olds:

1. Video game testing
Are you a gamer? Have you ever thought that this hobby of yours will bring you money instead of you spending your weekly allowance on the game? It’s totally possible now that companies keep developing new games and need gamers to test their difficulty level, as well as report problems that arise in the process. Ask the companies whether they have any other requirements; you might need some training in prior. But what’s better than doing stuffs you like and getting paid for them?

2. Article writing
You have a knack for writing, and want to become a writer or journalist in the future? Then this is the optimum choice for you. These days, there is a constant demand for freelance writers to compose articles with unique contents for SEO purpose. Creativity and regularity are two crucial requirements for this kind of jobs, which makes it a bit demanding, but the pay’s worth it. Not to mention the experience you’ll get out of this one.Online jobs for 15 year olds 1

3. Taking online surveys
Pretty much the easiest of them all. All you have to do is to fill out online surveys, submit them and get paid. The pay depends on the length of the surveys themselves, and your work efficiency. In most cases, there is no deadline, which is indeed an advantage: with the time pressure, you can still manage to have a life off the Internet. Register with those companies first, then you can commence immediately.
Online jobs for 15 year olds

4. Creating Apps
Everyone’s using smart phones nowadays, so if you know one thing or two about IT, why not trying your hand at creating games/ apps for smart phones and tablet? It costs nothing, but may bring in thousands of dollars if you succeed. You lose nothing either way.

Making money online is totally possible now, even for 15 year old teens. Keep it in mind though, that rather than focusing exclusively on money, you should find something that you enjoy and that allows you to learn necessary skills for your future. Hope you’ll be able to find an online job for yourself soon!

Online jobs for 15 year olds.

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